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Mt Sefton in Mt Cook National Park - one of my favourite places in NZ (Photos 1991-present).
Art of the Imagination (mostly Science Fiction social comment) and Landscape Art, Social and Environmental Issues from a Vegan Humanist perspective, photography (landscape and architecture) and Personal Journals.  
art9 "Foundation Principles" (detail), Art 2000-09.
art7 By Mark McLeod
"The Greening of Sydney" (Art 1990-99).

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The Artist

Born in Camden, NSW, Australia, 1961. I have lived in various places in NSW and New Zealand and hope to spend some time in Canada and Europe before I die. As I write this at the age of 48 my life to date has expanded from a traditional 1960's protestant Christian upbringing to explore Buddhist, New Age, vegetarian, gay and atheist viewpoints. Today I describe myself as a vegan humanist: I value compassion, truth, reason, honesty, cooperation and a general respect for all forms of life (particularly those likely to have some form of self awareness). I reject the predatory, competitive, selfish culture I grew up in and support the creation of its opposite: a culture based on vegan humanist principles that can truly be called civilized.

From the pages on this website it can be noted that I also embrace transnational values (links to Esperanto and Metric websites), and I have a keen interest in weather, trees and photography. I like to avoid stress and maximize my personal freedom so after a taste of university my work history has been varied: horticultural labourer, gardener, illustrator, cleaner and masseur. Fine art has long been a means for both philosophical communication and income, though like most artists I've had to seriously compromise my ideals to get the income. (27 Sept 2008)

Page Links & Update Details

: Page launched 14 June 2004. Site moved to new server after Apple terminated web hosting & Mobileme on 30 June 2012. Updated 10 Dec 2014.

ART: 1980-1989:
autobiography and a selection of imaginative and realist landscape works dating back to the early 1980's. Page launched 19 Dec 2004.

ART: 1990-1999: more paintings. Page launched 19 Dec 2004.
Updated 8 Aug 2007.

ART: 2000-2009: more paintings. Page relaunched 2 Nov 2005. Updated 11 May 2010

ART: 2010-2019: the most recently completed paintings. Page launched 23 April 2010. Updated 29 Nov 2017.

PHOTOS 19TH C - 1973: inherited photos, many from the Napper branch of my family dating back to the 19th century. Also includes images from 1940's Middle East. Page launched 4 July 2006.

PHOTOS 1973 - 1991: Photos mostly of landscape and architecture, mostly in Australia, some from Europe. Page launched 4 July 2006.

PHOTOS 1991 - PRESENT: Photos covering my time in New Zealand, again mostly landscape & architecture. Page launched 16 July 2006.

JOURNAL: The most recent entries to my personal journals. Page launched 9 June 2004. Update 29 May 2011.

ESSAYS:My thoughts on various issues. Page launched 19 Dec 2009. Updated 10 Dec 2012.

WEATHER - DAILY NOTES: The most recent daily weather observations are located on the Arba Cielo website.

LINKS: A knowledge sharing page - links will take you to other websites I consider interesting or supportive of the values outlined on this site: Veganism, Humanism, weather and more. If anyone offers me info relevant to Advancing Consciousness and Ethics, I'll post it here. Updated 16 Apr 2014.

My thoughts on improving the quality of human civilisation.
Page launched 6 Nov 2005. Updated 11 Oct 2008.


Youtube video explaining art
Above: One of several short videos added to Youtube in February 2018 to explain my art and aspects of working in Dunedin.
Above: The Artist in his studio, 10 June 2007.
Acer rubrum "October Glory" at "Arba Cielo".
Video link to Winter  St Clair
Youtube video explaining Winter In St Clair on 24 April 2018.
"The Return" (Art 1980-89).
"Arba Cielo" art studio.
Below: link to video selfie at Manuka Terrace 5 March 2018.

My Other Websites

Arba Cielo I always wanted to plant a large scale deciduous forest. I couldn't find the right place in Australia and when I found it in the Queenstown region of New Zealand I couldn't afford it. In 1996, mostly for the sake of preserving a tree collection I had assembled, I accepted a compromise in rural Southland - a great piece of land in a generally bleak and depressing climate. So began the "Arba Cielo" project and you can see the results - photos of land, trees & birds - on these pages.

My part in the struggle to transform this 25.7ha wind tunnel into a desirable place to live for birds, trees, and humans ended on 28 Dec 2007 after my financial circumstances forced me to sell the property in Oct 2007. I plan to start a new tree planting project in Lawrence in February 2008 (sold in 2014).

Trees of Dunedin, NZ and Australia can also be seen on this website. NB: 9 June 2018: this website's has been changed and links are under repair.

Space4u: My art studio and business space in Dunedin. I took over a gay sauna in the city in 2012 with a plan to transform it into a mixed use social space as well as a studio and gallery for my art. Also on Facebook.


Arba Cielo link
Above: website covering my tree and weather interests.
Detail from "Millennium One" (Art 2000-09).
Napper family in England (Photos 19thC - 1973).
Sugar maple, Acer saccharum, in Dunedin.
Moment by Moment video link
Left: link to Youtube video offering background informationn for the paintings "Moment By Moment" and "The Man and His Dreams" on 24 April 2018.
art12 Twizel project art17
Above left: "Arba Cielo", 26 Sept 2005. Amelanchier lamarkii in bloom.
Above right: A new arboretum project to start on this 2ha block near Twizel acquired December 2014. No chance of creating water features, but the lcoation is within the grand landscape that attracted me to NZ - my hope is to live on this property within 5 years.
Euonymus yedoensis at "Arba Cielo", 16 April 2005.
Oxydendron arboreum, Oberon Plateau, NSW, Australia.
  Populus tremula or P. grandidentata? Lake Hayes.
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