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My first home at 35 Condamine St Campbelltown.
Far Left: The house around 1960.
Left: 1991 - time to head to NZ.
Far Left: The back garden in 1982. Sapium sebiferum & Liquidamber styraciflua showing autumn colour.
Left: Back garden, late 1980's ... an urban forest.
Prunus campanulata in Spring and autumn. Celtis sp also showing leaf colour at left.
Far Left: Leaf colour in Acer negundo and Prunus glandulosa, late 1980's.
Prunus glandulosa
in back garden. Flowers, autumn foliage & edible berries
Far Left: Blueberry
Left: Acer rubrum in front garden, grown from seed collected at "Everglades" in Leura. Also visible is Picea pungens glauca. Late 1980's
Far Left: Bantams "free range" in the back garden.
Left: Acer palmatum "Atropurpureum" in the back garden.
Far Left: Pistacia chinensis in back garden.
Left: Liquidamber styraciflua
Far Left: Magnolia in front garden.
Left: Toxicodendron succedaneum. Reliable brilliant colour.
Far Left: The flower of Lagerstroemia indica in the front garden resting on the foliage of a frangipani.
Left: Flowering plums on the front footpath. 1979.
Far Left: Rhododendron on the south side of the house, 1981.
Left: Azalea indica, I think variety "Splendens", 1989.
Far Left: Celtis sinensis? 1980. Back garden.
Left: My first sugar maple. Grew well, though foliage would scorch a little on days over 40C. It died when I filled in a leaking pond nearby, much to my distress. I planted another the year I left (1991).
Far Left: Sapium sebiferum colouring beautifully. Loquat in foreground.
Left: Grevillea robusta, bananas & Erythrina crista-galli. 1977. When a lemon tree died I added macadamias and a lychee to the mix.
Far Left: Toxicodendron & citrus (grapefruit & lemon) in back garden, 1983.
Left: Part of my first potted tree collection, around 1983.
  Most of my tree collection not planted at "Iona" ended up in a Bathurst nursery. A sad day.
A giant Yucca in my back garden.
Thunderstorms: the most interesting feature of Sydney's climate.
Far Left: A large Ficus in the nearby Hurley Park. (Araucaria bidwilli at right).
Left: Pyrus sp in Lindsay St.
Far Left: A colourful ash at Leumeah railway station - probably Fraxinus pennsylvanicum.
Celtis occidentalis near Cobbity - a beautiful elm like tree.
The property known as "Iona" in the Tuglow River valley on the Oberon Plateau. I hoped to live there and plant my arboretum. It didn't work out for long, but I did plant a reasonable selection of deciduous trees.
Far Left: A red oak planted at "Iona" colours well. Around 1989.
Left: Snow on the Oberon Plateau near Hampton, Pinus radiata plantation in the background. c1990.
Far Left: Mt Tomah Botanic Gardens around 1990.
Left: "Everglades" at Leura in the Blue Mountains - another place of inspiration (and a seed source).
"Breenhold" at Mt Wilson around 1980.
Far Left: My first "live" sighting of a sugar maple (at "Breenhold").
Left: More autumnal beauty at Mt Wilson
Spring at "Linfield Park", Mt Wilson. October 1980. A pink form of Cornus florida (I can't grow it at Ferndale)
Far Left: Govett's Leap near Blackheath around 1990. I lived in Blackheath for a year - loved the mountains but eucalypt forests don't excite me.
Left: Snow and Liquidamber at Blackheath, around 1990.
Far Left: Silver elm and Rhododendrons in a park at Blackheath, 1990.
Left: Waratah near the village of Bell in the Blue Mountains, late 1980's.
Milton Park near Bowral on the Souhtern Highlands - 1980's. Fabulous garden, a joy to visit.
Far Left: Tulip display in Bowral.
Left: Snow Mountains - I liked the heath like vegetation of the summit landscape.
Canberra - a great place for trees and autumn colour. Lakeside park at far left , Pin oaks left. Late 1980's. I enjoyed many trips to the city through my years in Australia and collected seed from some of the trees.
Far Left: Elm.
Left: Ulmus parviflora as a street tree.
Far Left: Sydney Harbour, late 1980's.
Left: Plane trees in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, late 1980's.
Auburn Botanical Gardens in Sydney. Late 1980's.
  Xanthorrhoea glauca? At the Royal National Park near Bundeena.