Arba Cielo
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On & around the big pond, August 2005

Far left: Swallow, 17 August 2005.
Left: Swallow, 12 Jan 2006.
Far left: Mallard Duck on the big pond
Ducklings on the big pond, 5 Nov 2005.
Far left: Pukeko adult with 2 chicks, 10 Nov 2005.
Left: Pukeko chicks, 5 Dec 2006
  Far left: Pukeko chicks 2 January 2006
Far left: 4 Bantam roosters, 30 Oct 2005. An "unsolicited donation".
Left: 12 January 2006.
  Bantam at rest on footbridge, 12 Jan 2006.
Far left: Ducks & shag, 30 Dec 2005.
Left: Mother duck & 2 surviving ducklings, 30 Dec 2005.
Two of this season's Pukeko chicks, 12 Jan 2006. The one at near left is checking out the studio from the footbbridge.
Far left: Fantail in a birch tree, gorse patch 30 April 2006.
Left: 18 Dec 2006. A neighbour's duck visits for a few days
Far left: 8 Oct 2006. A rare visit by a Canadian Goose.
Left: More rare visitors: Paradise ducks, 6 April 2007
  17 Feb 2007. The last surviving rooster (the other 3 succumbed to disease). He'll be lucky to get through another winter.This tree is his preferred sleeping place - he avoids a more effective shelter I built for him.