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Trees of Dunedin FM Click on any photo to enlarge.
Dunedin Botanic Gardens A view over the lower Dunedin Botanic Gardens in May 2005.
Fagus sylvatica Fagus sylvatica Hawthorn Road Far Left: Fagus sylvatica - Maori Rd, May 2005.
: Fagus sylvatica on Hawthorn Rd, May 2005.
Trees in Maori Road Maori Rd: Fagus sylvatica at left, birch at right, May 2005.
Golden ash in Dunedin Botanic Gardens Golden ash Fraxinus excelsior "Aurea", lower Botanic Gardens, 17 March 2006 at far left, and in Jubilee Park on 25 March 2006 with detail shot of foliage.
Golden ash foliage detail  
Claret ash Claret Ash, Fraxinus "Raywoodii", Queen's Gardens, April 2005. These trees colour well in the paved over urban landscape.
Fraxinus foliage Fraxinus Left: A tree incorrectly labelled Fraxinus anomala, Dunedin Botanic Gardens, 25 March 2006. A closer view of this tree far left was taken on 29 March 2009 at its colour peak. Probably Fraxinus pennsylvanicum or F. latifolia.
Fuchsia excorticata Fuchsia excorticata 2 images of Fuchsia excorticata. Far Left is a garden specimen in Melrose St (28 Dec 2009). Near Left is a close view of a trunk, an impressive old specimen in the Botanic Gardens, 10 August 2006.
Fuchsia excorticata Fuchsia excorticata trunk Another Fuchsia excorticata - a specimen beside Littleborne Rd beneath old Fagus sylvatic and Quercus robur with a close-up of it's colourful papery bark coloured trunk.
Gingko biloba Gingko biloba, lower Botanic Gardens, May 2005.
Grevillea robusta A rather stunted specimen of Grevillea robusta, a favourite climbing tree of my childhood in Australia. Dunedin Botanic Gardens Australian collection, 7 Sept 2006.
Griselinia littoralis Tree sized Griselinia littoralis in the Dunedin Botanic Gardens, 15 June 2006.
Gymnocladus dioicus Gymnocladus dioicus Gymnocladus dioica, 17 March 2006, in the Dunedin Botanic Gardens Arboretum (Left) and in the Northern Cemetary (far left) on 29 March 2009.
Hamamelis Hamamelis sp in the upper Botanic Gardens, 10 April 2009.
Hymenosporum flavum Hymenosporum flavum in upper Botanic Gardens 20 April 2006.
Juniperus rigida Juniperus rigida, Botanic Gardens arboretum, 28 Sept 2008.
Knightia excelsior Knightia excelsior in Upper Botanic Gardens, 10 Aug 2008.
Laurelia Laurelia Laurelia novae-zelandiae in the NZ native collection, Upper Botanic Gardens, 27 May 2008.
Leucadendron Leucadendron argenteum in the African collection, Dunedin Botanic Gardens 10 Aug 2008.
Lindera obtusifolia Lindera foliage detail Lindera obtusifolia in the arboretum section of the Dunedin Botanic Gardens, 27 May 2008.
Liquidamber styraciflua Liquidamber styraciflua Liquidamber styraciflua in the Dunedin Botanic Gardens: Upper Gardens (far left) & in the Arboretum area (left), 27 May 2008.
Liriodendron tulipifera Liriodendron foliage detail Liriodendron tulipifera, Queen St. 21 April 2005
Liriodendron tulipifera Liriodendron tulipifera Liriodendron tulipifera in the lower Botanic Gardens, 27 May 2008.
Ross St Robin Hood Park Left: Ross St & Robin Hood Park.
Far Left: Ross St overlooking Otago Harbour. May 2005.
Lyonia   Lyonia ovatifolia in the Botanic Gardens Asian collection, 16 May 2008.
Luma apiculata   Luma apiculata in the lower Dunedin Botanic Gardens, 29 March 2009.
Mahonia lomarifolia  
Far Left: Mahonia lomarifolia, 7 Sept 2006, Dunedin Botanic Gardens. I also grew this at Ferndale
Mahonia Mahonia Mahonia sp in the lower Botanic Gardens, near left on 27 Oct 2005 and in Nairn St Wakari far left on 17 May 2008.
Magnolia Magnolia Far Left: Magnolia campbellii blooming in upper Botanic Gardens, 7 Sept 2006.
Left: Unlabelled Magnolia, Upper Dunedin Botanic Gardens, 28 Sept 2008
Magnolia salicifolia Magnolia Far Left: Magnolia salicifolia in Lower Botanic Gardens, 28 Sept 2008.
Magnolia stellata Magnolia Lanarth Left: A tree labelled Magnolia "Lanarth" in the upper Botanic Gardens, 1 Sept 2009.
Far Left: Magnolia stellata beside pond in Lower Botanic Gardens 28 Sept 2008.
Malus Spring Malus Malus sp. close to the Dunedin Botanic Gardens. Fruit photographed 3 May 2009. Flowers 18 Oct 2009.
Michelia doltsopa   Deliciously fragrant Michelia doltsopa in the Upper Botanic Gardens, 28 Sept 2008.
Muehlenbeckia astonii Muehlenbeckia astonii Two images of Muehlenbeckia astonii in the native gardens, Upper Dunedin Botanic Gardens. Near left was taken on 10 Aug 2008, while the other on 14 Nov 2009 shows the foliage.