Arba Cielo
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Far Left: Acacia dealbata or A. baileyana near nursery 14 Sept 2005.
Left: Acacia dealbata, 25 Sept 2005.
  Acacia melanoxylon, 28 Feb 2006. Heavy snowfalls have broken significant branches on some of these.
Far Left: Arbutus x anacroides 1 Dec 2005, growing reasonably well on the ridge, though deformed by the wind.
Left: Azara microphylla on the summit, 12 Sept 2005. Wonderful vanilla fragrance from the flowers.
  Bracgyglottis greyii (to the right) on the summit, together with a tough old daisy. 12 Sept 2005.
  Buxus sepervirens near studio. 20 Nov 2005.
Far Left: Callistemon citrinus near the cabin, January 2005.
Left: Cassinia fulvida on the summit, 12 Sept 2005.

Far Left: Ceanothus roweanus, Nov 2004.
Left: Clianthus puniceus with Acacia pravissima behind, October 2004.
Far Left: Coprosma propinqua, 21 Feb 2006. One of the toughest shrubs on the property.
Left: Coprosma robusta (I think) and Olearia avicennifolia on the summit, 12 Sept 2005.
Far Left: Cordyline australis on the studio island. 20 Nov 2005. Copes with wind, wet and dry soils. Perfectly suited to this climate.
28 Feb 2006, on a road to the summit.
Far Left: Cortadera, Phormium tenax and Carex secta stabilizing a dam wall, 28 Feb 2006.
Left: Crinodendron hookerianum, Dec 2004. Beside the garden shed.
Far Left: Drepanstachyum microphyllum, 25 August 2005. The only reasonably vigorous bamboo species on this property.
Left: Embothrium coccineum on summit, 6 Nov 2005
Far Left: Escallonia sp on the summit coping well with the stongest winds affecting this property. 1 Dec 2005.
Left: Escallonia "Yellow Sunset" and Dodonea viscosa on the summit. 20 March 2006.
Far Left: Eucryphia x nymansensis on the 21 Feb 2006. Near the nursery.
Gevuina avellana "accession 63", planted 3 May 1998, flowered for the first time in March 2005. Photographed on 20 Feb 2006. The first fruit observed 5 March 2006 taken by a bird (I suppose). Located between the nursery & the cabin.
Far Left: Griselinia littoralis. Dec 2003.
Left: Hebe
sp in the studio garden, 20 Nov 2005.
Hoheria sextylosa, the fastest growing small shelter tree. Dec 2003 at far left. Flowers on 19 Feb 2006 at left.
Far Left: Metrosideros "Maungapiko" flowering on 11 April 2006. It died in the winter of 2007.
Left: Nothofagus betuloides
, 25 Aug 2005. Front garden, eastern end.

Far Left: Nothofagus cliffortoides flowers, 6 Oct 2005.
Left: Nothofagus cliffortoides, 8 Nov 2005. Below the cabin.
Nothofagus cunninghamii, 28 Feb 2006. Located close to a pond NE of the nursery. Bought from Hackfall's Arboretum.
Far Left: Nothofagus dombeyii, 28 Feb 2006. Mostly healthy but several have died, possibly from a soil disease or grass grub attack. Lower eastern area.
Left: Nothofagus solandri , a specimen with particularly attractive coppery Spring foliage. 12 Nov 2005.
Far Left: Olearia avicennifolia and Hebe salicifolia. Feb 2004.
Left: Olearia avicennifolia grows well throughout this property except on damp soils. I acquired this species as self sown seedlings in the gardens at Novotel in Fernhill, Queenstown.
Far Left: A hedge of Olearia paniculata on the E boundary of the front garden. May 2002.
Left: Olearia traversii bordering the nursery, with one Photinia "Red Robin". Nov 2003. This Olearia grows fast, but tends to get damaged on the windiest parts of the property.
Phormium tenax - one of the toughest plants on the property. Photographed at far left on the 1 Dec 2005, and at left on 26 Dec 2005.
Far Left: Phyllostachys aurea, 28 Feb 2006. Located above the dam closest to the nursery.
Left: Phyllostachys sulphurea, 25 Aug 2005. Located beside the largest pond.
Far Left: Pleioblastus pygmaea, 1 April 2006. On the wall of the biggest dam.
Left: Pseudosasa japonica, 14 Sept 2005. Slow to establish. Located beside the biggest pond.
Far Left: Pittosporum ralphii, 20 Nov 2005. The fastest growing species of Pittosporum here.
Left: Pittosporum tenuifolium. 20 Nov 2005.
Far Left: Prostranthera 21 Feb 2006. It died suddenly in 2007.
Left: Pseudopanax arboreum 14 Sept 2005. Needs a well drained spot - a few have died when sited close to water.
Far Left: Quercus illex 5 March 2006. Near middle western boundary.
Left: Quercus sp. 24 Oct 2005. In the lower part of the "gorse patch" (NW corner).
Far Left: Quercus myrsinnifolia, 28 Feb 2006. Bought from Hackfall's arboretum. Very slow growth.
Left: Quercus suber, 5 March 2006. Middle area of property NW of the cabin. About 22 survive of the original 25 planted. Fatalities caused by wind.
Far Left: Rhododendron "Anna Rose Whitney", 20 Nov 2005. Near front gate.
Left: Rhododendron "Dora Amateus", September 2005. In the cabin garden.
  Rhododendron "President Roosevelt", 23 Oct 2005 on summit.
Far Left: Semiarundinaria fastuosa, 1 April 2006. The only non-runner sp of bamboo to succeed here so far. (2008 note: as this spot frequently got waterlogged this plant was later (2007) split into 5 and replanted nearby and close to the studio. I took one specimen to Dunedin in Dec 2007).
Left: Stranvaesia, 25 October 2005. Near front gate.
Far Left: Strelitzia in the greenhouse, Feb 2005.
Left: Teleopea "Burgundy", 1 Dec 2005. Struggling on the summit
  The famous American cranberry fruiting for the first time, 16 Sept 2005. A groundcovering plant kept in pots of sand and peat.