Arba Cielo
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Deciduous Trees G-P G-P
Hoheria lyallii at far left on 28 Feb 2006. A reasonably fast and wind tolerant species growing well from the front gate to the summit. Some autumn colour on 23 May 2006.
Far Left: Hovenia dulcis, 28 Feb 2006. Another victim of late Spring frosts and therefore very slow growing .
Left: Juglans nigra, 26 Feb 2006. Slow to establish, damaged by late Spring frosts and wind.
Larix kaempferi, June 2005. Great autumn colour, but needs shelter.
Liquidamber acalycina. May 2004 at left, and 28 Feb 2006 far left. Slow but healthy.
Far Left: Liquidamber styraciflua "Palo Alto" 22 May 2006.
Left: Liquidamber styraciflua "Worplesdon", 9 May 2004. Slow growing.
Left: Liriodendron chinense, 13 Nov 2005 & 23 April 2006 (far left). This species performs better here than its American cousin.
Liriodendron tulipifera, 28 Feb 2006. One of my long term favourite species, it is damaged by wind and late Spring frosts, so its progress on this site is painfully slow.
Magnolia "Athene", 3 Sept 2005, in the nursery area.
Far Left: Nothofagus antarctica, 9 Nov 2009. Fragrant (balsam) flowers and/or foliage in Spring. Very attractive foliage and form. Autumn colour at left.
Far Left: Nothofagus obliqua, 14 Sept 2005. Autumn foliage left (few colour this well).
Far Left: Nothofagus obliqua, 28 May 2006.
Left: Nothofagus procera, 14 Sept 2005.
Far Left: Oxydendron arboreum, 9 May 2004. Slow growth, damaged by wind and late Spring frosts.
Left: Nyssa sinensis 22 May 2006. Doing well close to the edge of a pond.
Far Left: Nyssa sylvatica, 18 April 2006. Doesn't like wet ground.
Left: Parrotia persica, 14 May 2006.
Far Left: Photinia villosa in flower, 9 Nov 2005.
Left: Photinia villosa, April 2004.
Far Left: Physocarpus 24 Nov 2005.
Left: Pistacia chinensis 18 March 2006. Excellent colour in this sheltered spot within the nursery. Very slow growing.
Far Left: Populus "Argyle" at centre, 13 Nov 2006.
Left: 13 Sept 2005. Populus balsamifera (I think) at centre, amongst willows.
Far Left: Populus canescans, 18 Apr 2006. Suckers vigorously but is a healthy and attractive white poplar.
Left: 25 Sept 2005. Populus "Eridano". Beautiful Spring foliage, needs shelter. Some autumn colour in some trees.
Far Left: Populus "Hansen", sourced from the Eastwoodhill Arboretum. Great autumn colour there, but not here. Nice in Spring. 25 Sept 2005.
Left: Populus "Pakai" 30 May 2006. Best yellow of any poplar outside the aspen group but its foliage is damaged by strong wind.
Far Left: Populus "Tasman". 25 September 2006. Attractive Spring foliage. Unreliable for autumn colour.
Left: A form of aspen sourced from the roadside between Garston and Athol where it colours orange and red. The best it gives here is a warm yellow with traces of red. Said to be Populus tremula, but looks more like another form of Populus grandidentata.
Far Left: Populus tremuloides by the big pond. 9 Nov 2005. Not much autumn colour from this one, so I've planted some in drier more sheltered sites to compare. Beautiful Spring foliage and leaf movement. Lots of suckers. The same tree is pictured at left in 2004
Far Left: Probably Populus grandidentata, though it was sold to me as P. tremuloides. Suckers vigorously, but that's not an issue of concern here & I love it. The best poplar species for autumn colour here, as evidenced at left in the gorse area (also seen colouring here on far right is a sycamore).
Far Left: 25 Dec 2005. I think this is Populus trichocarpa - sourced from trees on the shores of Lake Wakatipu north of Kingston. Fabulous autumn colour there, just a hint of it here.
Left: Populus "Yeogi One", beside the big pond. 30 Dec 2005. Vigorous growth, minimal autumn colour.
Far Left: Cherry Plum in the nursery, 3 Sept 2005.
Left: One of the purple foliaged plums near the cabin - a seedling. 3 Sept 2005.
Far Left: 13 Sept 2005. Prunus "Accolade".
Left: Prunus "Awanui".
Left: 16 Oct 2005. Prunus "Conradinae", one of the few cherries here to produce respectable autumn colour. Slow growing here (13 March 2006 at far left).
26 Sept 2005. Prunus Hillerie x Spire.
Far Left: Prunus x Judd. 30 Sept 2005. Slow growing, seems to lack vigour - perhaps another tree that prefers warmer summers.
Left: Prunus nipponica
Left: Prunus "Pink Perfection", 25 Oct 2005. Autumn colour far left on 22 May 2006 - not as vivid as its peformance in Queenstown, but improving each year.
Far Left: None of the named cherry varieties colour to perfection on this property but a few seedlings do. This one is near the cabin. April 2004. Another one, left, is pictured on 1 April 2006 between 2 ponds in the lower central area.
Far Left: 22 May 2006. A good year for autumn colour in cherry trees. This is a Prunus serrulata seedling.
Left: Prunus "Shirotae".
  Far Left: Prunus "Tai Haku", 16 Oct 2005.
  Pyrus pashia, 10 June 2006 - few colour this well, some don't colour at all.