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Mark with "Foundation Princilpes" Mark in 2010. Journal

2 DEC 2010 - THURSDAY. 21:25. Posted note to the property manager announcing my decision to leave by Jan 31.

5 DEC 2010 - SUNDAY. Achieved at least 5hrs painting today at the club and a similar amount yesterday so that was good - I feel much better about being here. And most customers treat me better as they see me painting - some even conversing with me!

8 DEC 2010 - WEDNESDAY. Headed to Lawrence. Cold, windy day - horrible. On site from around 11:15 to 21:15 mowing grass. Planted 3 trees/shrubs (Acer ginnala & Stranvaesia davidiana) to replace some that died over winter. Also gathered weather data and watered a few trees. Brought back a Fuchsia excorticata fearing a probable frost would kill it tomorrow morning. Received written acceptance from the property manager of my plan to leave in January.

13 DEC 2010 - MONDAY. 0:35 (Tues). Visited the bank at 15:00. This time the loan application was successful - and more than I expected though still barely sufficient for a building ($21,000).

18 DEC 2010 - SATURDAY. 15:40. The Bodyworks owner asked to see my ideas for the club.

19 DEC 2010 - SUNDAY. The Bodyworks manager said he read my notes on the club transformation, appreciated the differences in our attitudes towards it.

21 DEC 2010 -TUESDAY. Headed to Lawrence late morning. Gathered weather data and planted one tree (Metasequoia) before meeting a landlord to check out the Joss House in Maryport St. Small, but habitable. A warm windy day for mowing - up to 28.6deg. Severe hayfever. Got the job finished and also watered some recent plantings. Departed around 22:00. Observed a lunar eclipse on the way back to Dunedin. Evidence of stronger wind and an even hotter day in Caversham - up to 30.3deg.

31 DEC 2010 - FRIDAY. 19:30. Received email confirming acceptance of my application to rent the Joss House in Lawrence. I decided to proceed with it though I’m worried about financing it.

4 JAN 2011 - TUESDAY. Off to Lawrence - on site from 12:00 to 22:00. Gathered weather data, mowed grass, planted some trees and shrubs: Liriodendron chinense, Corylus “Purpurea”, 2 Sorbus wilsoniana, Eonymus yedoensis & Amelanchier stolonifera.

6 JAN 2011 - THURSDAY. 23:15. Finally got to bed around 05:00 after uploading tree photos to Trade Me - listed 27 for sale.

8 JAN 2011 - SATURDAY. 0:05. (Sun). Checked Trade Me this morning - 2 tree sales so far.

Walked to Bodyworks early afternoon for another 12 hr shift. 26 customers so far. I’m tired and irritated by frequent interruptions to my art production. Desperate to be finished with the railway painting. The thought of doing this Bodyworks routine for 3 more years is depressing in the extreme.

Some background TV/video: movie “Ladies in Lavender” (provoked some tears at the end), “Warehouse 13”, “Eureka”, some of movie “Terminal Invasion” and “Frasier”.

9 JAN 2011 - SUNDAY. More work on the Railway station painting - this is frustrating me. Background video: “Eureka”, “Warehouse 13”, Frasier”.

The Bodyworks owner made an appearance late afternoon for a talk about my sub-lease proposal. He told me his landlord will not allow him to sublease the venue so we have to look at other options.

10 JAN 2011 - MONDAY. 0:35 (Tues). Brought back the computer & art gear - finally got to bed around 03:50, up today at 10:30. Photographed the railway station painting but later discovered more errors leading to another 4hrs work tonight.

11 JAN 2011 - TUESDAY. A day in Lawrence - from 12:00 to 22:15. Planted out 1 Tilia americana, I Pseudolarix amabilis, & 1 Carpinus caroliniana. The remainder of the carload of trees returned to the nursery bed from which I dug them up last Spring.

16 JAN 2011 - SUNDAY. 16:40. An intense movie on TV last night: “Changeling”. Stress levels starting to build in me as I face a week of moving all my possessions into storage.

17 JAN 2011 - MONDAY. 21:20. Started a new painting last night - “Conroy’s Gully” ... a relatively easy landscape to follow the intense effort on the architectural work. After much agonizing I decided to phone a removals company for a quote to shift my gear to Lawrence. They wanted over $900 to shift furniture and trees but only $598 to shift 13 cubic metres of possessions so I accepted that and will have to take care of the trees myself. The job if scheduled for next Tuesday afternoon.

Sunshine this afternoon allowed me to photograph the railway station painting. Delivered it to Gallery de Novo around 13:30

20 JAN 2011 - THURSDAY. 20:44. A few issues to deal with by internet & phone.

Finally loaded the car and headed to Lawrence, arriving around 12:10. Planted a few into their possibly final positions: Sassafras albidum, Fuchsia magellanica alba, Sorbus americana, and Carpinus koreana. The rest went back into the nursery beds. Met the new landlord at the Josh House around 12:45. Did the inspection ... me having to lead the way with that routine. I received the keys and visited the NZ Credit Union office to get account details for the rent payments to start Feb 7. No phone line at the house so I’ll have to go for wireless internet ... I’m not keen on that extra expense.

A miserably cold, windy mid summer day.

21 JAN 2011 - FRIDAY. 22:30. Organised various change of address issues before walking to Bodyworks for the dreaded 12hr shift. Feeling so tired tonight and more than a little depressed - living this lifestyle for another 3yrs might be a fate worse than death.

25 JAN 2011 - TUESDAY. A quick trip downtown at 09:00 to meet the insurance broker to sort out my insurance needs for my possessions at Bodyworks. It'll cost me $53 per month. A bank visit before before returning to Caversham for more packing. The removalists arrived around 14:20 along with the onset of light rain. Goodbye to $598. I was pleased to see in the end we had some space for my bigger trees. The job was finished around 16:50. I cooked up a couple of banana & blueberry pancakes before heading to Lawrence for my first night at 12 Maryport St. I noticed that no cleaning effort had been made in preparation to my arrival.

27 JAN 2011 - THURSDAY. 20:25. Up today at 08:40. headed to Lawrence with another load of trees. Planted most of it in the nursery near enough the same holes I dug them out of in winter! Feeling despair at the sight of so much tree stock that may have to end up being destroyed because I can’t sell it or even give it away.

28 JAN 2011 - FRIDAY. 22:40. Three trips between Caversham & Bodywks shifting my gear. Lots more to come, and that is cause for stress. A policeman stopped me for a breath test at one point, observing me struggling to find a parking space outside the club. A nearby bar was still active at 04:00. Finally got to bed around 04:30. Up today at 10:10. More sorting through stuff trying to make hard decisions. Eventually decided on one box of Mum’s possessions to give to Salvation army - including her toy bear collection. That was difficult - much sentimental attachment.

Phoned Contact Energy to arrange the power connection at Lawrence. That’ll cost me $60 because the power was actually disconnected at the property. Appointment scheduled for Tuesday “between the hours of 08:00 & 13:00”. Hopefully early because I’ll have a big day of mowing.

Noticed my railway station painting missing from Gallery Novo last night but no email from them and it’s still listed as available on their website. I really need it to sell before my tax bill is due.

31 JAN 2011 - MONDAY. A couple more trips for me bringing in more stuff from Caversham to Bodyworks. Got to bed around 05:00, up today around 08:30. Panic set in as I bagged and evicted the remainder of my possessions, loading into the car and lining up beside the flat's entry path. Final meter reading at 14:00. Property inspection was 45 min late at 14:45. Showers arrived at 15:00. Two more delivery runs to Bodyworks completed at 16:35. Back to Caversham to load trees and other remaining stuff .... finally away from Dunedin at 17:56. A minor sigh of relief.

1 FEB 2011 - TUESDAY. 20:35. Got to bed around 22:00, awake today at 08:00 with expectations of the electrician arriving to reconnect the power. He was supposed to arrive “between 8am & 1pm”. That didn’t happen. With rising anger and stress levels I phoned the power company who contacted the contractor. He was apparently outside the cell net but his company eventually got back to me with “he should be there by 3”. With nothing else to do (I cleaned the disgusting toilet earlier) I washed the car (for the first time in several months) and watched a sunny day turn grey. The electrician arrived a little after 3, the job done in 5 minutes. I was polite to him and the people I talked to by phone but this sort of customer service is appalling. They give themselves 5 hrs of appointment space and still can’t turn up or phone me to warn me of a delay. My day is wasted. If I did the same to them they’d charge me a $40 penalty.

Around 16:00 I headed away to do a little grocery shopping (SO much more expensive than Dunedin - $7 for products I routinely pay $5 for in Dunedin) before heading up to the Canna St property. Rain started soon after I arrived so I just gathered weather data before returning to Maryport St. Tried dehydrated potato for the first time - it made a very acceptable mashed potato base for carrots, some remaining dhal and a spicy “Salsa” bean mix on toast.

Still feeling tired. I’ll head to bed soon. The room is nearly full of boxes I can't do anything with.

2 FEB 2011 - WEDNESDAY. 23:15. Strong wind awoke me early but I stayed in bed till around 10:00. Headed to the Canna St property around 12:00. Cool and strong wind persisted till near sunset encouraging feelings of intense dissatisfaction with the region - “just as bad as Southland”. A couple of hrs brushcutter mowing grass, then lots of tree/shrub planting, including: Sassafras tzumu, Celtis biondii, Celtis sinensis, Celtis laevigata, Celtis julianae, Larix kempferi, Acer circinatum, Betula lutea, Sophora tetraptera, Fuchsia excorticata, Hovenia dulcis, Pittosporum tenuifolium, a dwarf pine from Lake Pukaki, Photinia davidiana, Acacia rubida, Hibiscus syriacus, Grevillea “Mt Tamborine”, Myrtus luma, Sorbus americana, and Hamamelis virginiana. Also returned lots more to the nursery bed.

Back to the Joss house around 22:15.

3 FEB 2011 - THURSDAY. A little more work at the Canna St property - planted the “Monty’s Surprise” apple I grafted last Spring. Headed to Dunedin early afternoon.

Otago Property Management phoned to ask me for $22.86 for my last day at Caversham! I don’t know how they figured that and only got the response “It’s the way our software calculates it”. I refrained from argument and gave them permission to take it out of my bond refund. Hostile thoughts.

Visited Gallery de Novo - my railway station painting has been sold but money has not yet been received. So I had to phone Inland Revenue and arrange for a delay in the payment of my tax bill due Feb 7.

5 FEB 2011 - SATURDAY. 01:25 (Sun). Some shopping late morning - bought a couple of chairs for use at the sauna, a toilet brush and curtain rod. Also bought kitchen curtains for the Lawrence place. All this after finding the tenancy bond refund in my bank account. 12hr shift at the sauna. Assembled the computer table.

6 FEB 2011 - SUNDAY. 22:05. More shopping for the sauna - bought 2 chairs, a light and net curtains. Also a little grocery shopping for myself. A genuinely hot morning reaching 35deg before midday making it the hottest temp I’ve experienced since leaving Australia (and I liked it!) but the afternoon returned to standard Dunedin cool & dull. Timaru reached 40.3 deg today - I think I need to move to Canterbury.

10 hrs sauna desk duty from 14:00. Got the TV lounge organised with my plants and the net curtains - at last the light and some green life enters this gloomy place and I can see the world outside. Few of the customers seem to notice or care.

7 FEB 2011 - MONDAY. 23:30. I loaded my car with rubbish from the club last night & dismantled the old office desk. Also removed the first of many items of furniture that desperately need to be burn’t or buried - an old vinyl chair, its covering long time shredded and falling off. Finally got to bed around 05:00.

Bought a minimum of groceries on credit card after leaving Bodyworks. Arrived in Lawrence around 19:00. Unloaded the car and then drove to the Canna St property to gather weather data (yesterday was a hot 33.3 here, but that was 2 deg cooler than Dunedin). Also planted out some of the potted trees sitting in the extensive puddle on the house building site. Some drainage work need there. Most of the potted trees went back to the nursery bed, but 4 got lucky - Tsuga chinensis replaced the dead flowering plum, 2 Daphne sp and 1 Crataegus crus galli also found permanent homes.

Received a phone call from Otago Property Management requesting $80 for carpet cleaning. I expected it but feel it is wrong - this should be the landlord’s responsibility. They bleed enough money out of their tenants.

8 FEB 2011 - TUESDAY. 22:55. A showery day so no incentive for outdoor work. Commenced designing a website for Bodyworks and attempted to reduce the clutter of boxes in the house.

Still no money from the art sale or last wages cheque so just $24 remains in my bank account.

Signal strength for the wireless internet was up to 4 bars through the day. Pity the Concert FM radio reception is poor - I miss the music.

9 FEB 2011. - WEDNESDAY. Planted out a few trees and shrubs at Lawrence - Pinus strobus, Crataegus jackii & C. jonesaea, Philadelphus sp, a bamboo (Semiarundinaria fastuosa), Cotoneaster nitens, Hebe salicifolia and Euonymus alatus. Others had to go back into the nursery bed.

22 FEB 2011 - TUESDAY. Left the city around 09:00. Paid rates in Milton, got to Lawrence by 10:15. Had some breakfast and shifted boxes into the sleepout (the key the landlord left for me was no better than the one already in my possession - the man has a strange idea of a functional lock!). Managed a couple of hrs mowing after collecting weather data, then reluctantly forced to return to Dunedin. Big news on TV with the latest Christchurch quake - watched a couple of hours of it. Got a phone call from a friend informing me he was in Christchurch this afternoon during the quake but has returned safely to Dunedin. A bit of a shock. I had no idea he was heading there - no reason for me to know, I suppose. A reminder to me that I'm, not really that close to anyone here.

27 FEB 2011 - SUNDAY. The prospect of 2.5 more years working in a low wage job I hate with people I can't relate to ,,,,,,,,,, and struggling with property maintenance at Lawrence seems like a fate worse than death and I feel myself sinking into a state of utter despair. This is what it means to be trapped in hell.

3 MARCH 2011 - THURSDAY. Drove to Mosgiel to visit the Skyline garage distributer and request a quote for my building. Also visited Totalspan at Green Island. Unfortunately Totalspan can’t do a 30 deg roof pitch so it looks like Skyline will be the one to go with if the quote looks good.

6 MARCH 2011 - SUNDAY. A quieter day at the sauna but still didn’t achieve anything for myself.

A young arrogant man arrived mid evening and stayed only 10 minutes - evidently not interested in the other 2 customers here at the time (a fat old guy and a transvestite). He left his towel on the floor and handed over his locker key with a surly look. “Rude prick” I thought to myself. At least the transvestite is always polite to me. That counts for more than good looks.

A little background TV/video during my exercise routines - “Glee” (a mostly annoying Christmas episode supporting the “feel good” virtues of the Santa Clause myth, but there was a very nice duet between 2 gay characters) and “House”.

7 MARCH 2011 - MONDAY. Received the first building quote .... $31,000. I’ll need to trim $8,000 off that figure!

9 MARCH 2011 - WEDNESDAY. Received a second building quote .... $37,000 for the 7.2m building with windows. I’m going to have to opt for a much smaller building. More disappointment. No work achieved for myself tonight ... too busy as usual with cleaning ... the frustration grows.

12 MARCH 2011 - SATURDAY. Images of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan captured my attention for some time last night and again today. The second great earthquake the world has seen in the space of 5 years.

14 MARCH 2011 - MONDAY. Email from Totalspan ... got cost down to $24,000.

22 MARCH 2011 - TUESDAY. Started mowing around 13:00 and finished at 19:30. Cold, bleak day with some light afternoon drizzle to feed the depression. Thoughts focussed on the sauna job and my "friends with benefits" relationship. Fantasies of selling the Lawrence property, escaping Bodyworks and traveling to Canada ... nothing new.

Tempeh for dinner followed by a banana pancake with chocolate sauce and Mytus ugni berries.

24 MARCH 2011 - THURSDAY. Relationship thoughts weighing on my mind: I want an affectionate partner, not a fuck buddy!

Elizabeth Taylor died today. Feel a bit sad about that ... nostalgia for some classic Hollywood movies .... Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Giant, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.

25 MARCH 2011 - FRIDAY. Doctor’s appointment at 09:45. My weight is down 15kg since my last check-up January last year. I can’t explain it except to say I’ve been highly stressed by work and moving. I’ve booked an appointment for next Friday at 09:30 to get the annoying lump on my forehead removed.

29 MARCH 2011 - TUESDAY. 23:40. Cold windy afternoon kept me indoors till 16:40. More work on the Bodywks website. Also wrote emails. I’m mystified by the existence of Mum’s sister Muriel born in 1907. Why do I have no memory of anything about her?

Did a few hrs mowing late afternoon & evening. Also photographed some autumnal colour during brief sunshine. Scone & Dhal for dinner followed by fruity pancakes (Myrtus ugni berries) with lemon juice & sugar or chocolate sauce.

Thoughts of relationships continue to dominate my mind. My desire for an affectionate caring relationship, a feeling of being rejected, the miserable state of my existence in Dunedin ....

1 APRIL 2011 - FRIDAY. Up at 08:30 and walked to Roslyn for the minor surgery to remove the forehead lump that has annoyed me for years. Cost $50 and about 30 min. The worst of course was the local anesthetic. Didn’t care much for the cutting sound either.

2 APRIL 2011 - SATURDAY. Up at 10:30. Missed breakfast - wanted my abdominal area as flat as possible for the “Nude session”. I decided to do it naked myself, which felt good (and fun), with no troublesome consequences - I’d placed 2 posters in prominent locations outlining “Nude Session Conduct” with the points “Everyone is encouraged to participate”, “Carry your towel or leave it in your locker, don’t wear it”, “If the staff member participates it is to support and encourage customer compliance - be he hard or soft, don’t assume he’s looking for sex (he isn’t)”.

8 APRIL 2011 - FRIDAY. Some gossip concerning someone I like deeply unsettles me.

11 APRIL 2011 - MONDAY. Feeling very isolated in Dunedin. Little time for art, no "project" to care about means I am focussing more attention on the people issues in my life, which means becoming more aware of the absense of local friends in my life. This is creating a rare sense of loneliness.

Dare I wonder .... how much bleaker can this life get?

Mowed the Maryport St property then visited the Canna/Rea St property this afternoon to gather weather data. Some trees colouring very well - Amelanchier & Acer rubrum. More colour in Acer saccharum than past years, but still far from impressive.

Lentils & rice with canned tomatoes/flake potato mix ... nice. Fruity pancakes with chocolate sauce after that.

Added another idea to the Bodyworks webite ... a Sunday night social evening, a modified proposal of the original one in my analysis of the club inviting individuals to share their favourite movie/music or other interests, this time only requiring use of the TV lounge for DVD screenings so not interfering with other areas of the venue. It would be nice to see club patrons doing something other than fucking each other and fleeing with the subsequent burden of guilt and shame!

12 APRIL 2011 - TUESDAY. Continuing to obsess about relationship issues. Making "mountains out of mole hills" because I have nothing better to focuss on. I'm treating human connections like green trees in the emotional desert of my life. I have become like the drowning man desperately reaching out for the only life preserver he can see. I never had this problem when there was a project in my life.

15 APRIL 2011 - FRIDAY. Another painfully busy day. Nothing achieved for myself apart from 2hr exercise routine. My art career and financial status are being wrecked. Still can’t determine a way out of this hell.

19 APRIL 2011 - TUESDAY. Another cldy day ... had a dream of sunshine last night. I’ll end up with a Vitamin D deficiency if I don’t get some sun on me soon.

Mowing grass this afternoon - about 3hrs of that. Also made up & placed some tree guards for small seedlings - there are rabbits or hares on the property at present.

Thoughts of pursuing the “6 months in Canada” fantasy by writing to the Canadian embassy in Wellington with a plan for either May-Nov 2012 or 2013. Just need to raise money for air fare and the rent then hope I can produce & sell art faster there than here. Otherwise I’ll have to wait for the Lawrence property to sell.

5 MAY 2011 - THURSDAY. Caught the bus to Green island and signed the building contract at 10:00. Back to the city centre on the bus ... using the last of my larger coins. Visited bank to hand over Totalspan documents to arrange the first deposit for the garage project ... goodbye $2,141, or is it hello to $2,141 more debt?

6 MAY 2011 - FRIDAY. Brief shopping then more desk duty from 12:00. Background TV/video: “Fringe”, “Call Me Fitz”, “The Mentalist”. A couple of hours exercise on the bike and gym. Satay pizza for dinner.

A busy day at the sauna straining my tolerances. Feeling considerable irritation over small issues of thoughtlessness by customers. I truly hate this job.

7 MAY 2011 - SATURDAY. 22:45. Brief grocery shopping for myself (my last $16) before starting the sauna routine. Nude session was much better attended this time. I like getting naked so it was a much less irritating day for me than yesterday. Background TV/video: “Grand Designs Australia” (a fine if absurdly expensive renovation project in Queensland), “Monk”, “Frasier”.

9 MAY 2011 - MONDAY. Achieved 30 min cleaning before catching bus for Lawrence. Headed to the property to gather weather data ... the place is obscenely wet after another 56.9mm rain. Some more good foliage colour appearing (Sorbus hupehensis and Pyrus ussuriensis). Back to the house tonight to complete a property plan for Totalspan and do other computer stuff. Scone and dhal veg mix with mashed potato for dinner (very satisfactory) followed by banana pancakes with lemon juice and sugar or chocolate sauce for dinner.

10 MAY 2011 - TUESDAY. A vivid dream (about visiting the vegan cafe, "Circadian", in Dunedin and discovering my “community”) woke me around 05:00 and it took a while to get back to sleep.

16 MAY 2011 - MONDAY. Decided to place a personal ad (free) on an American Vegetarian dating website. An act of desperation.

21 MAY 2011 - SATURDAY. Sunshine at last outside, so I walked to Roslyn and back before starting the sauna duty. Attempted to upload the Bodyworks website this afternoon but soon got frustrated and confused.

Only 11 gay male vegetarian/vegan atheists between the ages of 45 & 55 on the Vegie Date website! All but 2 are in the USA. Only one struck me as potentially compatible. Only 4 have the courage to show photos of themselves.

23 MAY 2011 - MONDAY. Finally got the Bodyworks website online early yesterday evening - gave up trying to set up the FTP connection and settled for the server’s “File Manager”.

25 MAY 2011 - WEDNESDAY. Sauna duty from 14:00. A couple of hours exercise on bike and gym. Summary of the 7 most common customer types: Sleezy, Creepy, Grumpy, Surly, Fruity, Nutty & Fatty. Needless to say all are Horny.


Mark McLeod

Artist & tree enthusiast.

A month or two of my life is recorded on this page. Observations, opinions, and a record of some of the more basic stuff. It's been a mostly quiet life, and I'm happy about that - I'm no drama queen. My only real sources of discontent have been employment and place of residence, though issues around aging and mortality are on the rise.

Mark in 1961
Mark in 1966
Mark in 1970
Mark in 1990
Mark 2007
Reading List for 2009
Book: The Ancestor's Tale Finished reading this 11 Nov 2009. The history of life is mind blowing and I am now inspired me to learn more about genetics. I especially look forward to reading more by Richard Dawkins.
Book: The Material World Finished my first reading of this book in April 2011 ... and started a second reading. I'll have to re-read it many times to claim any serious grasp of the enormous wealth of information between its covers, but it is already changing the way I see the universe and my place in it. I'd like more visual content.
Book: The God Delusion Finished reading this on 5 March 2010 - adds to my respect for both his intellect and his humanity.
Book: The Blind Watchmaker Finished reading this 19 Jan 2010. I'll need to read it again - profoundly important knowledge.
Places that I've called home.
My first home in Campbelltown around 1960.
Above: my first home in Campbelltown, 35 Condamine St, around 1960, and its maturing back garden below in 1982.
My home garden 1982
Last view of my Campbelltown home in 1991
Above: one of my last photos of my Campbelltown home in 1991.
Below: The summit of the property called "Iona" on the Oberon Plateau in NSW, around 1990.
Oberon Plateau
"Mandala" near Murwillumbah
Above: A frequent holiday spot and place of learning for me in the 1980's - "Mandala", a rural gay community project near Murwillumbah in Northern NSW, mid 1980's.
Below: Govett's Leap near Blackheath. I lived in Blackheath for 2yrs around 1990.
Govett's Leap near Blackheath
Queenstown home in 1991
Above: the move to NZ made this house at 253 Fernhill Rd Queenstown my new home for 10yrs.
Below: By 2000 I had transformed the back section into a small version of the colourful forest I've always wanted to live in.
Home garden around 2000
Ferndale home 2007
Above: My home and forest at 895 Old Coach Rd, Ferndale in May 2007. My time there was a "love/hate relationship" thanks to the climate but the land, trees and birds gave me a reason to get out of bed and a future to work for. In 2009 I'm haunted by the memory of it and regret having sold it.
Below The rather cramped living conditions in the cabin, but it was my place, not a rental, so that was OK.
Cabin interior
Studio interior 2005
Above the studio interior in 2005 - a cluttered space, but an extraordinary place to live in.
Below: In contrast to the studio was my occasional sleeping space in a place that never sees the sun - a Dunedin cruise club where I worked as cleaner & receptionist. Back to this space in 2011.
Cruise club bedroom
Shetland St home
Above: Home from December 2007 to March 2010 was in Dunedin at this grim little 63 Shetland St flat. The potted trees are part of the collection that accompanied me on my departure from Ferndale. In 2009 I feel my life has never been bleaker than this period in Dunedin. City living and rented accommodation makes for a pointless, frustrated existence. Millions of people live like this, often much worse, with minimal personal space, no outdoor private space, no sense of personal ownership of or control over their home and distanced from Nature so is it any wonder the world is in such poor shape? If each of us owned his or her own home and enough land for private recreation and self sufficiency in food I am sure there'd be far fewer social and environmental problems.
Below was the interior view in January 2008.
Shetland St home interior
Mark at Spencer St Alexandra
Above & below. A move to Alexandra in March 2010 for a change of scenery & climate. Another rental flat (In Spencer St, opposite a poultry slaughterhouse!) but this one was a little preferable to the Shetland St space. Photo of the building 5 Feb 2010, photo of myself on 6 April 2010 backed by one of my favourite trees, Robinia "Frisia".
Spencer St Alexandra
Below: Back to Dunedin from June 2010 to Jan 2011, this time in a 240 South Road Caversham flat.
Home at Caversham, 25 June 2010
Joss House at Lawrence
Above: From Jan 31 my part time home in Lawrence at 12 Maryport St - the historic "Joss House", cute on the outside, a little bruised and battered on the inside. This is my 4th "home" in 12 months.
Mark 1993
Above: An early verion of "Wakatipu Dreams" with me in 1993.
Book: The Goldilocks Enigma
Left: "The Goldilocks Enigma" by Paul Davies is one of the most inspirational books I've read (2007)