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This page offers links to websites I find interesting and in some cases possibly relevant to Advancing Consciusness and Ethics.

If anyone can provide me with additional website names or other info relevant to the "ACE" cause I'll happily post it here.

For example:-

- Manufactured food and bathroom products that are guaranteed free of animal ingredients and aren't tested on animals. Sanitarium "So Good Essential" states "ALL INGREDIENTS ARE OF NON-ANIMAL ORIGIN". Whittaker's dark chocolate doesn't appear to have any animal ingredients but warns "MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF ... MILK CHOCOLATE". St Ives moisturising body wash & body lotion are the only ones I can find in supermarkets that states "This product not tested on animals" and also claims no animal ingredients. Same appears to be true of the Body Shop range. In H&J Smiths department store the Innoxa range of skin care products are available, and the labels indicate these products don't contain animal derived ingredients and are not tested on animals. Check their website at

- Space agency plans for mining the moon and other dead worlds/asteroids as a means for saving earth's life and environment.

- Research into synthetic food. A vegan replacement for cheese would be nice.

- Research into ending any possible remaining need for vivisection in medical science and product safety testing.

- Charitable organisations that don't wave a national or religious flag. Is there a humanist alternative to the Salvation Army anywhere?

- Plant breeding research that aims for more nutritious crops - this is one subject where GE is OK.

- Human birth control education that acknowledges the critical need to not just stop our population growth, but significantly reduce the burden of our numbers on this planet.

We need to discover, support and encourage ethically sound products, manufacturers, research, and organisations as part of the effort to minimize the suffering we inflict in the universe.


I recommend Peter Singer's "Animal Liberation" (1977, Avon Bks, New York) and "Practical Ethics". Henry David Thoreau's "Walden" also offers a lot of good sense (see quotes in Public Files). Most recently "The Goldilocks Enigma" by Paul Davies was an inspirational read. The "American Humanist" magazine is also worth a regular visit.

Brian Stableford's "Future Man - Brave new world or genetic nightmare" (1984, Crown Publishers Inc, New York) offers both repulsive and optimistic scenarios for bio-engineering.


My version of lentil burgers: boil up a fairly even mix of red lentils & brown rice. After boiling is reached reduce heat to minimum and continue to cook for about 30 minutes, then let stand until cool and all liquid is absorbed. Steam & mash a similar quantity of potato and/or pumpkin & add the lentils & rice together with dairy free breadcrumbs - quantity equal to about one third of the other ingredients. The resulting product will be moist and pliable - form into patties and shallow fry in olive oil. Cool off then freeze the product for future use (I cook enough for a week). Re-heat in whatever sauce takes your fancy. (2011 note: boil up a mix of red lentils, brown rice and potato flakes with one Massel "Salt reduced Vegetable Ultracube". After cooling mix in bread crumbs and cook as above).

Vegan "satay" pizza (for a small, approx 22cm diameter, pizza): Mix approx 2 heaped tablespoons of Kraft Smooth Light Peanut Butter in a saucepan with about a teaspoon of Kikkoman Soy Sauce, 60g of Mediterranean Sundried Tomato Hummus, 140g Leggo's Pizza Sauce, about 1 cup of Wattie's frozen "Chuckwagon Corn" and at least half a cup of sliced mushrooms and shredded carrot. I sometimes also add dhal for extra taste. Simmer & stir for a few minutes then spread on a pizza base (dairy free, of course). Top with French Fries (McCain's healthy Choice or the Watties chunky version) before cooking in an oven as usual (200C for about 30 minutes). (2011 note: another quicker version: mix the "no Added salt" version of Leggo's Tomato paste with the frozen veg mix,shredded carrots, potato flakes and 1 Massel "Salt reduced Vegetable Ultracube", heat over stove top till fairly well cooked then spread over pizza base and top with French Fries before cooking as above).

In 2013 just spread a mix of sundried hummus & low salt tomato paste on the home-,ade pizza base, mash a lentil burger into it, add grated carrot and frozen veg, top with French Fries and bake at 200C for 30 min.

Chocolate cherry balls: In a food processor, combine 150g of glace cherries, about half of a 340g block of Mori-Nu Silken soft tofu (a smooth jelly like tofu), and 2 cups of dessicated coconut. Can also mix in a generous quantity of sultanas. Form this into balls (approx 3cm diam) and coat in melted dark chocolate (250g Whittaker's Bittersweet or Dark Ghana Dark Chocolate), then refrigerate. (2011 note: I now also make a version with ginger & sultanas with or without the cherries)

Sultana cookies (inspired by the "Sunbeam" choc raisin cookies recipe: 1.5cups sultanas, 1.75 cups relf raising flour, 1 tablespoon cocoa, 2 teaspoons cinnamon, 6 tablespoons olive oil, 0.5cup brown sugar, 1 teaspoon "Orgran No Egg" (probably not necessary). Mix oil, sugar, "Orgran No Egg" and 4 tablespoons water using electric mixer for about 5 minutes, then add the dry ingredients and mix with a spoon. May need a little more water - just enough to allow the mixture to be formed into balls - press these onto a baking tray, flatten out a little - should be enough for about 12. Bake at 190C for about 30 minutes.

Date muffins: Into a bowl add one third cup of raw or brown sugar, 1 teaspoon bicarb soda, 2 teaspoons "Orgran No Egg" (probably not necessary), one third cup olive oil, 2 tablespoons cocoa & 1 cup soy milk. Blend with electric mixer for a few minutes then add 1cup chopped dates and 2 heaped cups self rising flour. Mix with spoon till all moisture is absorbed and press into a 6 hole "Texas muffin" tin. Cook for 20 min at 200C.

Date crumble slice - of all my mother's splendid baking efforts this was always my favourite (or maybe equal favourite with her sponge & chocolate cakes). I seem to have lost her recipe but have experimented with the objective of creative a healthy snack food. In 2013 I'm using this recipe: Fruit mix: 1.5 cups water, 2 cups chopped dates, 1 cup frozen blueberries, 1 cup frozen cranberries, 1 cup sultanas and chopped dried apricots, 1.3 cups canned apple all cooked for about 10 minutes. Base and crumb topping: 1.5 cups rolled oats, 0.5 cups wholemeal flour, 0.5 cups LSA (with super grains Chia, Buckwheat, Quinoa flakes), 0.25 cups yellow coren flour, 0.25 cups buckwheat flour, 0.25 cups chickpea flour, 0.25 cups Moong flour, 0.5 cups Quinoa flour, 0.25 cups ground almonds, 1 tablespoon baking powder, 0.25 cups golden syrup, 0.25 cups canola oil, 0.75 cups soy milk. Mix and spread approx 0.6 of it on the base of a square 22cm tin, top that with the fruit mix and top that with lumpy crumble mix (compact down) and bake in convection oven at 180C for about 50 min.

Banana seems to be a good egg substitute in cakes and pancakes.

2011 note: I've recently discovered Ceres Quinoa Flakes which I am now adding to all baking and breakfast cereal. Also useful is Healtheries LSA (ground lindseed, sunflowers and almonds).

2016 note: I've added Teff & Quinoa flour to the useful baking products list. Angel Food "Tasty cheesey sauce mix" is a great vegan alternative to dairy cheese for pizza topping & sauces. I'm using Stevia & Natvia products to greatly reduce my sugar intake. Sweet William vegan and reduced sugar chocolates ( are now also on my shopping list for an occasional indulgence. Orgran has introduced vegan biscotti and shortbread to the supermarket shelves, Gullon biscuits are sugar free and appear to be vegan.

Lake Wakatipu  


Vegan World Network, a global directory of vegan groups, at

Pangea Vegan Products (USA),

Vegan Wares, leather alternatives (Melbourne, Australia),

Vegan Voice (Australia),

Vegan Society of NZ,

Porphry's People (vegan group in Christchurch, NZ),'s LBQT Vegetarian Page (gay vegetarian social network),

Gunter's Vegan cakes:

Vegetarian Network Victoria,

Make Your Own Vegan Cleaning, Makeup, and other Household Products

Dental One Associates in the USA has a page advocating a vegan diet


Autumn foliage in the USA (University of Illinois),

US Metric Association,

UK Metric Association,

Trade Me,


Humanist Society New Zealand,

Annotated Webliography of Humanism,

Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association (Britain),

International Humanist and Ethical Union,


Voluntary Euthanasia Society of NZ,
Dying with Dignity Victoria,
Exit International,




Geonet NZ - Earthquakes in NZ,

New Scientist magazine,
Richard Dawkins,

Cosmos - Australian science magazine,


Elfwood - science fiction & fantasy art, mostly amateur, with the opportunity for viewer feedback on the site. My page on that site is at


Esperanto Society of NZ,



National Space Society (USA),

"Foundation Principles" (detail).  


Bureau of Meteorology (Australia): best Australasian satellite info and abundant other useful & interesting info for free. Brilliant!

Met Service (NZ):

NOAA satellite image c/o Landcare Research - the best close-up satellite image I've found of NZ. Great to see where snow has settled after a winter storm.

NIWA (New Zealand),

World weather,

The Weather Network (Canada),

Yahoo! Weather - Australia satellite,

Cumulonimbus near Tapanui.
Acer rubrum "October Glory".