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This page begins with a collection of photos inherited from my mother, Fay McLeod. Her mother, Florence Napper, married Percy Tullet in England before moving to Australia. Minimal information supplied with this collection, unfortunately. Above: Unidentified children.
Elderly man Hazel & Alac Horse race
Family group Girls in garden Group of people
Left: A fine portrait of Charles Yates.

Right: Cedric Napper with 2 unidentified girls, and in later life below (1950).
Ellen Yates.   Unidentified English family.
Far Left: Some attractive English houses, no information available.
Left: A family gathering around 1900.
Above Left: Hunter's Hall.

Left: Arthur Napper at the age of 16 (brother to Florence Napper) and the yacht (above) he sailed from Brighton England to Cape Town.
Napper family.
Left: A postcard from Colombo.
Right: A Sussex motor club gathering.
Left: Percy Tullet at 18
Right: Percy & the family dog
Left: A postcard of Hazelbrook.
Right: Percy, Fay & Florence Tullet.
Below from left: Fay Tullet with friends in the Blue Mountains, in her Moss Vale hair salon, and in a photographic portrait.
Funeral Fay & Wendy Fay & friend
Fay Tullet Fay & Wendy Florence Tullet (Napper)
Left: Unidentified woman. Nice portrait.
Right: Arab house. This and others below are from a collection of photos from the Middle East during World War 2. Photographer not identified.
Left: Baalbeck in Lebanon.
Right: Temple of Bacchus at Baalbeck.
Left: Cairo.
Right: Damascus.
Left: Hotel Normandy in Beirut
Right: Jerusalem - familiar faces and gestures.
Left: Australian soldiers in the mountains of Lebanon.
Right: Rachel's Tomb.
Left: A group of Australian soldiers, including my father.
Right: St George Hotel in Beirut.

Right: An unidentified couple

Left: Norman McLeod in the 1940's & below left in 1964 with Fay and Mark in the Lower Blue Mountains. He and wife Fay are in the photo below at their holiday home in Fegan's Bay, Woy Woy.

Unidentified couple
    Mark and a friend on a Snowy Mountains holiday in the mid 1960's.