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Photos 1973-91 My own photos from Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Mostly architectural and landscape shots here. Garden and tree images from this period can be found on the Arba Cielo website.
Sydney's Centrepoint Tower and other buildings on the rise in the early 1970's.  
At home in Campbelltown - my dog for part of the 1970's & 80's at left, an approaching thunderstorm at right. Lots of memorable thunderstorms.
Left: A family day trip to the Snowy Mountains in the mid 1970's.
Far Left: Surfer's Paradise, around 1973.
European Vacation Dec 75 - Jan 76.
Above: Inspirational Rome. Great architecture, great weather. Vatican guards at right.
Left: Loved London, despite the generally grey weather.
Left: Cortina & the Dolomites - magnificent. Only a fleeting visit, unfortunately.
Right: The Colosseum in Rome. Not the first, but certainly one of the more impressive examples of humanity's all consuming obssession with competitive sport.
Back in Australia    
Canberra - a favourite place to visit. I might enjoy living close to this city someday.
Goulburn - on route to Canberra. Around 1990.