Arba Cielo
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Deciduous Trees & Shrubs Q-Z
Far Left: Quercus coccinea, May 2005. Good colour but slow growing and needs shelter. Central area of the property.
Left: Quercus ellipsoidalis, upper western area of the property.
Far Left: Quercus imbricaria 2002. In central area of the property below the cabin.
Left: Quercus kellogii 2002.
Far Left: Quercus palustrus, May 2005.
Left: Quercus phellos, 28 Feb 2006. Slow growing. In the upper middle eastern area of the property.
Quercus prinus, 27 May 2006. Very slow to establish here. In the upper middle western section of the property.
Quercus robur, June 2005 and 1 December 2005. Grown from seed collected at Orton Bradley Park on Banks Peninsula. Probably the most wind tolerant of the deciduous oaks on this property.
Far Left: Quercus rubra, 18 Apr 2006.
Left: 2 April 2006. The largest Quercus rubra on the property, behind the nursery tool shed, was grown from seed off the magnificent oaks that once graced Mann St in Queenstown.
Far Left: Aspens and Quercus rubra colouring, May 2005.
Left: Quercus rubra, May 2005. All red oaks on this property have been grown from Arrowtown (Anglican churchyard) and Queenstown (Mann St) seed.
Far Left: Quercus rubra, May 2005.
Left: Quercus rubra 20 March 2006.
  Quercus schumardii, 28 Feb 2006. Bought from Hackfalls Arboretum. Slow but healthy. In the middle eastern area of the property.
Far Left: Rhus aromatica. Slow growing and needs good shelter from wind and Spring frosts. In the nursery.
Left: Rhus typhina, 24 April 2006. Close to the lower garden stream & bridge.
Far Left: Ribes odoratum 18 March 2006.
Left: Ribes sanguineum. Tough and beautiful.
  Rosa "Harmony" in the cabin garden with a fragrant lily. 21 Feb 2006.
A tree from the pussy willow group, sourced from Lake Wakatipu. Middle western area of the property.
Salix sp, 28 May 2006. Sourced from Lake Wakatipu. Foliage detail at far left.
Golden willow grown from cuttings sourced from Lake Wakatipu. 14 Sept 2005 & 25 Dec 2005.
Salix daphnoides, May 2005. Lower central area.
Far Left: Sapium japonicum. Slow growing and needs protection from wind and Spring frosts. I ended up moving this to Dunedin in 2007.
Left: Sassafras albidum in Dunedin on 18 Apr 2008. Two of these were planted at Ferndale high on the hillside to escape Spring frosts. They struggled to survive in the wind but will eventually be well sheltered. This specimen is from a NZ source, but the 2 at Ferndale were grown from seed imported by Caves Nursery from the USA.
Far Left: Sorbus alnifolia, 9 April 2006.
Left: Sorbus americana 2004. Near the middle eastern boundary of the property.
Sorbus aria, 20 March 2006.
Sorbus "Kirston Pink", 26 Nov 2005 & 23 April 2006.
Far Left: Sorbus prattii, from Hackfall's Arboretum. 9 April 2006. In the cabin garden.
Left: Sorbus sargentiana 2004. Best autumn foliage of any Sorbus on this property.
Spiraea cantoniensis 29 Oct 2005 & 23 May 2006 in the cabin garden.
Far Left: Spiraea "Anthony Waterer", 2 April 2006.
Left: Spiraea nipponica, 20 Nov 2005, beside the big pond.
Spiraea thunbergii, 28 May 2006.
Far Left: Tilia americana. 13 Nov 2005. I'm a big fan of North Anerican trees. This one is slow growing here - it needs good shelter, and that's some years away.
Left: Tilia mongolica 13 Sept 2005.
  Ulmus "Frontier". Slow growing in this rather exposed situation. Autumn colour can be an attractive claret but isn't reliable.
Ulmus sp, 22 May 2006. This was grown from a sucker dug up from the Mataura roadside.
Vaccinum. In the cabin garden. Blueberries mostly colour well, preferring drier ground on this property (one close to a pond died)
Far Left: Viburnum opulus "Sterile", 20 Nov 2005.
Left: Viburnum plicatum "Mariesii", 2 Nov 2005.
Far Left: Viburnum trilobum, 20 Nov 2005.
Left: Viburnum trilobum 22 Nov 2005.
Weigela subsessilis, 16 October 2005, near the studio. Bought from Hackfall's Arboretum.
Zelkova serrata. Warm autumn tones in most years