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2007 Seasons

7 Aug 2007 27 Sept 2007. Prunus yedoensis above & Prunus "Accolade" below. They look great together.

27 Sept 2007. Alnus rubra above, Forsythia below & right.
Early Spring foliage: Nothofagus obliqua at left on Sept 27, Populus maximowicii at right on Sept 28. This poplar needs good shelter because its foliage is easily damaged by wind. Unfortunately that is still several years away for this tree.
Sept 27: Ribes sanguineum at right.

Sept 30: Magnolia "Athene" at left, Populus "Eridano" below left, Amelanchier lamarkii & Populus "Eridano" below, Salix & Tasman poplars below right.

3 Oct 2007. Acer rubrum flowering at left (one with a pussy willow back-drop), Prunus sargentii above, Camellia in the cabin garden at right.
Right, Oct 3. Lagarostrobos franklinii in its new location.

Below: Populus "Pakai" on Oct 9
Oct 9. Left & right, Amelanchier lamarkii flowers, Tasman poplars contribute bronzy foliage.
Oct 10. Left. Bright green Betula papyrifera in foreground, Amelanchiers & Prunus "Awanui" flowering in background.

Oct 10. Right. Tasman poplars and willows around the central ponds.
Oct 10. Prunus "Awanui" at left, Prunus "Hillerie x Spire" below, and Prunus "Judd" at right.
Oct 10: A seedling cherry near the cabin at left, willows & Tasman poplars near the big pond above.

Right, Oct 18: Prunus "Shirotae" .

Right, Oct 26: Asimina triloba flowers for the first time in the greenhouuse.

Left, Nov 1: an eel observed on the shoreline near the studio.

Left, 14 Nov 2007. A red Rhodoendron flowering west of the cabin, while on Nov 21 deep pink Rhododendron "Anna Rose Whitney" flowers close to the cabin.

Right, Nov 2. Prunus "Kanzan" at peak flower.

Right, Nov 14. Clianthus puniceus at flower peak.

Right, Nov 21. Nothofagus cliffortioides new foliage

Left, Nov 14. Genista at peak bloom, with a purple foliaged Coprosma.

Left, Nov 21. Abies bornmuelleriana with new foliage.

Left, Nov 21. A type of Acquigelia flowering in the studio garden.

Right, Nov 21. Three Cupressus lusitanicus have fallen here over the past year and been replaced with Nothofagus cliffortioides.

Left, Nov 21. New growth on Pinus rigida.

Far right, Nov 21. New foliage on the purple seedlings of Fagus sylvatica.

Right, Nov 28. Ducklings on the big pond.

Left, Dec 3. Chaenomeles japonica flowers for the first time in the cabin garden.

Left, Dec 5. Acradenia frankliniae flowers close to the barn foundation pad.

Above, Dec 5. Aesculus pavia flowers in cabin area.

Right, Dec 3. Ceanothus roweanus in the nursery area.

Left, Dec 8. Herbaceous peonies in the lower garden. At left is "Maestro", at right is "Cytheria" (?), and below left is "Coral Charm".

Below, Dec 23. Azalea ("Pink Pancake"?) in studio garden.

Left, Dec 23. A pink Deutzia in the lower garden.

Right, Dec 11. Trees potted over the winter from the nursery beds about to leave Ferndale and after being unloaded at their temporary Conical Hill home.

Right, Dec 23. Last photo of the studio after emptying it of my possessions.

Below left, Dec 23. Last photo of the property from the highway.

Below right, Dec 28. Last photo. The cabin garden. I replaced the 2 wind damaged Pyrus calleryana "Bradford" with two Amelanchier lamarkii in Sept. Grass is getting disturbingly long as the tractor awaits repair.

2008 Seasons


Left: Acer saccharum in Jubilee Park on April 20.

Right: Eucalyptus ficifolia near the summit of Stuart St on April 5.

My remaining potted trees from the Ferndale arboretum include Acer rubrum at left on April 17 and Sassafras albidum at right on April 18 (grown from NZ stock).

28 Apr 2008. More potted trees below left to right: a specimen of Acer rubrum colouring yellow with Photinia villosa behind it; Betula lutea with Populus canescans, Fraxinus ornus & Carpinus caroliniana; Populus tremuloides with Photinia villosa; Acer palmatum dissectum "Inaba Shidare".
17 May 2008. Trees in the Roslyn Town Belt.

Acer platanoides at left (City Rd) and Acer pseudoplatanus at right (Sligo Terrace) & below right (City Rd).

Far left: Aesculus hippocastanum in the forest below Sligo terrace..

Left: 27 May 2008. Liriodendron tulipifera in the Lower Botanic Gardens.
Left: Ulmus sp in the Town Belt at corner of City Rd & Arthur St, 17 May 2008.

Rhododendron "Christmas Cheer" (left) and R. "Cornubia" at right in the upper Botanic Gardens, 9 July 2008.