Arba Cielo
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  Early daffodil    

2008 Seasons

Fagus sylvatica

Crocus (Right) & daffodil (top right) in Dunedin Botanic Gardens, 10 Aug 2008

Above right: Fagus sylvatica in Lower Dunedin Botanic Gardens, 28 sept 2008.

Below: Flowers starting to open on Magnolia campbellii at the Dunedin Botanic on 10 Aug 2008, and fully open below centre on Aug 23.
  Yellow Crocus  
Magnolia         Manolia full bloom
Betula lutea   Acer saccharum       Acer rubrum seeds
                    Sophora microphylla

Trees at Lawrence on 13 Oct 2008 Above: From left Betula lutea, Acer saccharum and Acer rubrum.

Right: Sophora microphylla on 23 Aug 2008 at the Botanic Gardens.

  Nursery at Lawrence     Aspens at Lawrence            
            Pyrus ussuriensis  

More Lawrence views above on 13 Oct 2008. From left: the nursery, aspens, and Pyrus ussuriensis.

Left: A deciduous azalea in the Dunedin Botanic Gardens, Nov 2.

Right: Cornus sp in full bloom near the corner of Smith and Stuart Streets in Dunedin. 12 Oct 2008.

    Cornus flowers    
Rhododendron at Lawrence   Leptospermum   Acer saccharum      

Above Left: A Rhododendron seedling at Lawrence flowers for the first time, Dec 23.

Above centre: A double pink flowered form of Leptospermum in Font St Dunedin, Dec 24.

Above right: Strong growth on Acer saccharum at Lawrence, 2 Feb 2009.

Left: Broccoli matures at Lawrence, 2 Feb 2009.

Left: Probable snow damage at Lawrence to a young Acer rubrum, 15 May 2009.

Below Left: More probable snow damage, this to Hoheria sextylosa. The stem had been weakened near ground level - frost had apparently frozen the sap & split the bark leading to collar rot.

Below from left: Autumn colour on Sorbus hupehensis at Lawrence (May 15), good colour in Acer paeudoplatanus near Moana pool in Dunedin (May 26),
and autumn colour on Amelanchier lamarkii at Lawrence, April 28.



2009 Seasons

Snow damage
Hoheria snow damage                    
  Sorbus hupehensis autumn colour   Acer pseudoplatanus Amelanchier autumn foliage
Acer capilles   Acer davidii   Acer palmatum
Acer palmatum Snow in Dunedin

Right: the only significant snowfall of the year at Shetland St in Dunedin (5cm on June 16).

Above from Left: Acer capilles & Acer davidii at Dunedin Botanic Gardens (May 26) and Acer palmatum in Melrose St Dunedin (April 2).

Left: Acer palmatum in Dunedin Botanic Gardens (May 26)

Right: Flowers on newly acquired Hamamelsi x intermedia "Jelena" at Lawrence on August 1.

  Hamamelis flowers
  Ugni motinae   Cotinus   Prunus Pink Perfection  
Larix Fraxinus sieboldiana

Above left: Ugni motinae fruiting at Shetland St on May 15.
Above: Cotinus in the lower garden.
Above right: Prunus Pink Perfection at Lawrence damaged by snow or a possum.
Left: Larix kaempferi in the nursery bed at Lawrence on May 15.
Right: Fraxinus seiboldiana in the Arboretum.