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Alexandra Daily Observations April - June 2010
& Data Comparisons

Temperature & other observations from 12 Spencer St, Alexandra from April-June 2010. These were taken in a Stevenson screen on an ENE facing porch so max temps are likely to be lower than true, especially on calm days. Readings are for 24hrs to 23:59 on the day of entry. Alexandra max temps are sourced from TV1 or TV3 weather reports. Dunedin temperature observations started at 240 South Rd Caversham on June 24 in a Stevenson screen on a W facing porch.

  Sunset clouds over Central Otago 14 March 2010 Two images at left from 14 March 2010 on the road between Roxburgh and Shingle Creek.  
  Sunset clouds over Central Otago 14 March 2010      
Wave clouds over Alexandra 26 March 2010   Left: Wave clouds viewed from Alexandra on 26 March 2010.
Date Temp Min °C
Temp Max °C
Period of Readings Alexandra Temp Max (TV report) °C
1-Apr-10 11.5 15.0     In Dunedin. Cldy. Variable amounts of cirro & alto & nimbostratus & altocum & stratus. Light showers throughout day. Calm to light wind.
2-Apr-10 11.4 20.3     Mostly sunny. Patchy cirrostratus & altocum thickening with altostratus late a’noon. Calm to light wind.
3-Apr-10       25 Dunedin, Lawrence & Alexandra. Cldy morning in Dunedin, near calm Variable alto & nimbostratus & altocum clearing round 14:00 but soon followed by nimbstratus and lower cloud. Light to mod rain from Mosgiel to Alexandra, persisting in Alexandra till midnight.
4-Apr-10 6.5 15.8   24 In Alexandra. Sunny. Few stratocum patches clearing. Light wind
5-Apr-10 2.7 15.0   18 Alexandra. Some morning stratus clearing. Patchy cirrostratus persisting. Calm or near so through morning. Light to mod SW wind through afternoon.
6-Apr-10 4.6 15.4   16 Alexandra. Mostly sunny. Patchy stratoocum mostly clearing by sunset, light wind.
7-Apr-10 2.1       Alexandra. Mostly sunny. Some stratocum through morn in S & SE. Calm to light wind
8-Apr-10 1.1   Apr 8-9   Dunedin. Clear, calm to light wind.
9-Apr-10   17.3 Apr 7-9   Dunedin/Alexandra. Sunny. Cirrostratus patches. Mostly calm. Back in Alexandra by 22:00.
10-Apr-10 2.4       Alexandra/Dunedin. Clear and calm or near calm. Returned to Dunedin by 12:30.
11-Apr-10         Dunedin. Mostly sunny morn. Cirro & altostratus patches incr through a’noon, joined by altocum and nimbostratus later. Calm to light wind.
12-Apr-10         Dunedin. Cldy. Nimbostratus. Light rain most of day. Light to mod NE wind.
13-Apr-10         Dunedin. Cldy. Alto & nimbostratus & altocum. Mostly calm. Few sprinkles of rain and a short period of light rain after 18:00.
14-Apr-10       21 Dunedin. Cldy, mostly calm. Altocum, stratocum & cumulus.
15-Apr-10       16 Dunedin. Sunny morn, mostly cldy a’noon. Cumulus & stratocum from SW with a’noon showers off coast. Mod SW wind devel early a’noon.
16-Apr-10       18 Dunedin. Sunny morning, incr stratocum, cirrostratus & altocum through a’noon. Wind mod SW.
17-Apr-10 2.1 21.2 Apr10-17 22 Dunedin/Alexandra. Sunny morning, mostly calm. Incr stratocum through afternoon with mod to fresh SW wind. In Lawrence by 16:00 - mod wind, cldy, few spots drizzle. Reached Alexandra by 18:45 - mostly clear, light wind.
18-Apr-10 3.3 18.0   17 Alexandra. Morn fog. Cldy apart from few late morn sunny breaks. Incr cirro & altostratus. Mostly calm, light wind devel after sunset. Max temp reached after sunset.
19-Apr-10 9.9 18.1   20 Alexandra. Part cldy. Cirrostratus mostly clearing by late a’noon. Light wind.
20-Apr-10 7.0 20.0   25 Sunny. Light wind. Some lenticular altocum patches devel late a’noon in S & SE.
21-Apr-10 4.4 17.8   22 Mostly clear apart from trace of cirrus. Mostly calm.
22-Apr-10 5.5 20.1     Mostly sunny morn, mostly cldy a’noon. Cirrostratus & altocum patches joined by stratocum incr through a’noon, then decr around sunset. Light wind.
23-Apr-10 8.4 19.7   23 Mostly cldy. Incr cumulus & stratoccum. Light to mod S or SW wind. A’noon showers in S.
24-Apr-10 8.5 13.9   11 Cldy. Nimbostratus, altocum, stratocum. Few brief sunny breaks late a’noon. Mostly calm. A little rain early morn & early a’noon.
25-Apr-10 7.4 20.9   24 Mostly cldy. Variable amounts of Cirro & alto & nimbostratus, altocum, cumulus & stratocum. Mostly calm buty light wind at times through a’noon & evening. Light rain after 22:00.
26-Apr-10 10.7 13.6   12 Cldy - Nimbostratus & stratus. Light rain all day. Light wind.
27-Apr-10 9.9 16.4   18 Mostly cldy. Cirro, alto & nimbostratus & altocum part clearing through a’noon. Some stratus & stratocum about mountains. Few sunny breaks. Light wind.
28-Apr-10 10.0       Alexandra till 10:00, Lawrence till 18:00, Dunedin from 19:30. Patchy Altostratus & altocum wave cld in Alexandra with light wind. Increasing cumulus and later nimbostratus in Lawrence with light to briefly mod rain late a’noon, calm to light wind.
29-Apr-10   20.1   22 Dunedin. Mostly cldy. Cirro & altostratus & altocum part clearing through morning but more later with incr cumulus & stratocum. Light to mod wind.
30-Apr-10       19 Dunedin. Mostly cldy. Early sunny breaks, then incr cirro & altostratus, altocum cumulus & stratocum with light showers after 12:00 becoming mod to briefly heavy by 16:00, mostly clearing after 18:00. Wind mostly light.
April 2010 Extreme Lows 1.1 13.6   11  
April 2010 Extreme Highs 11.5 21.2   25  
Date Temp Min °C
Temp Max °C
Period of Readings Temp Max (TV report) °C Remarks
1-May-10 2.6       Dunedin. Part cldy. Patchy cumulus & stratocum from SW. Few light showers, mainly late morning. Mod SW wind. Depart around 17:00, return to Alexandra by 20:00.
2-May-10 0.0 11.2   13.0 Alexandra. Clear apart from trace of Cirrus through a’noon. Calm to slight wind.
3-May-10 3.8 15.8   19.0 Alexandra. A little morn rain. Alto & nimbostratus & altocum clearing late morning. Mostly sunny a’noon. Some cumulus about peaks. Light wind.
4-May-10 3.0 13.5   15.0 Alexandra. Sunny, A little stratocum. Light to mod SW wind.
5-May-10 -0.6       Alexandra, Lawrence, Dunedin. Heavy morn frost. Fog nearby. In Lawrence from 13:00 - 18:00. Mostly calm. Some cirrostratus through a’noon.
6-May-10       21.0 Dunedin. Mostly sunny. Patchy cirrostratus. Calm to light wind.
7-May-10       18.0 Dunedin. Cldy - Cirro & alto & nimbostratus joined by stratus from S late a’noon. Calm to light wind. Drizzle after sunset.
8-May-10       16.0 Dunedin. Cirrostratus clearing through morning. Mostly sunny a’noon. Some straocum early a’noon soon clearing. Light wind.
9-May-10 0.5 18.5 May 5-9 19.0 Dunedin, Lawrence & Alexandra. Sunny. Few Cirrus patches. Light wind in Dunedin, calm elsewhere.
10-May-10 2.3 14.5   19.0 Alexandra. Sunny & mostly calm. A little cirrostratus.
11-May-10 0.0 13.8   17.0 Alexandra. Clear & mostly calm.
12-May-10 0.0 9.6   12.0 Alexandra. Morn fog clearing by 11:00. Incr altocum, cirro & altostratus. Mostly calm. Light to mod rain after sunset.
13-May-10 6.6 14.5   17.0 Alexandra. O’night rain. Stratus & most other cld clearing by early a’noon. Calm to light wind. Sunny a’noon with a little cumulus confined to distant mountains.
14-May-10 5.0 13.8   17.0 Alexandra. Morn stratocum clearing. Mostly sunny a’noon. Cirrostratus patches. Mod to briefly heavy showers between 21:30 & 23:00. Calm to slight wind.
15-May-10 6.2 13.6   15.0 Alexandra. Morn stratus clearing. Mostly sunny afternoon. Few cirrostratus patches and some cumulus about peaks. Mostly calm.
16-May-10 4.5 11.5   12.0 Alexandra. Cldy, Stratus, stratocum, nimbostratus. Mostly calm. Some light rain through a’noon & evening.
17-May-10 6.2 12.0   11.0 Alexandra. Mostly cldy. Patchy stratocum mostly clearing by sunset. Calm or nearly so.
18-May-10 4.1 10.5   12.0 Alexandra. Fog clearing around 14:00, then sunny with few cumulus fragments. Calm or nearly so.
19-May-10 3.2     10.0 Alexandra, Lawrence, Dunedin. O’night fog and cldy morning in Alexandra - stratus & stratocum. Calm. In Lawrence from 13:00 - 17:00. Mostly cldy - cumulus & startocum. Brief sun. Trace of drizzle, calm or near so.
20-May-10       13.0 Dunedin. Sunny till mid a’noon, then incr stratocum and cumulus. Drizzle and a few briefly mod showers after 15:00. Calm to slight wind.
21-May-10       13.0 Dunedin. Mostly cldy. Cumullus & stratocum. Light wind.
22-May-10       13.0 Dunedin. Sunny morn, cirrostratus & altocum patches incr through a’noon. Light NE wind.
23-May-10 0.0 11.5 May 19-23 12.0 Dunedin & Alexandra. Sunny morn but incr stratocum through day. Calm to slight wind. Return to Alexandra by 17:40. Incr Cirro & altostratus, calm.
24-May-10 4.2 8.7   7.0 Alexandra. Cldy. Nibostratus & stratus. Calm to light wind. Light rain starting late morn & becming mod at times after sunset.
25-May-10 8.0 12.2   13.0 Alexandra. Cldy. Nimbostratus, stratus, stratocum. Mostly dry day after some early morning rain cleared, Mod SE wind.
26-May-10 5.9 10.4   10.0 Alexandra. Cldy. Stratus, stratocum, nimbostratus. Light SE wind. Few light showers after sunset.
27-May-10 3.4     7.0 Alexandra, Lawrence, Dunedin. O’night snow to about 400m around Alexandra, around 300m near Beaumont. Morning sunny periods in ALexandra, calm to slight wind. In Lawrence from 13:30 to 15:30. Two light to mod showers, the first with sleet and small hail (2-3mm diam). Calm to slight wind. Brief sun. Cumulus & cumulonimbus & stratocum from S. Some Cirrus also present. Cldy in Dunedin with light wind and a few light showers.
28-May-10         Dunedin. Cldy. Stratus & nimbostratus. Light to mod rain all day. Light wind.
29-May-10       6.0 Dunedin. Cldy. Nimbostratus & stratus. Mod to heavy rain overnight easing through morning and clearing by late a’noon. Light to mod wind.
30-May-10 4.0 7.9 May 27-30 10.0 Dunedin & Alexandra. Cldy - stratocum & stratus. Light wind. Some drizzle around Clarkes Junction with a little residual snow on ground there. More snow patches from 1km N of Hyde, light snow cover through to Kokanga and highway junction, nothing in Ranfurly, 10cm or more approaching Wedderburn, no snow from Becks to Alexandra. Mostly clear sky through Central Otago apart from some stratus about some mountains. Calm.
31-May-10 -1.0 6.0   5.0 Alexandra. Cldy & calm. Stratus & stratocum.
May 2010 Extreme Lows -1.0 6.0   5.0  
May 2010 Extreme Highs 8.0 18.5   21.0  
May 2010 Averages 3.2 12.1   13.3  
Date Temp Min °C
Temp Max °C
Period of Readings
Temp Max (TV report) °C Metservice Dunedin Temp min 24hrs to 09:00
Metservice Dunedin Temp max 24hrs to 09:00
Metservice Dunedin Rain
24hrs to 09:00
Dunedin South Rd Temp min 24hrs to 23:59
Dunedin South Rd Temp max 24hrs to 23:59
1-Jun-10 1.5 4.7   4           Alexandra. Cldy. Stratus, base around 300m. Calm or near so.
2-Jun-10 0.1     5           Alexandra, Lawrence, Dunedin. Cldy morning - stratus, base around 300m. Freezing fog around Fruitlands. Sky clear beyond Roxburgh dam apart from a little Cirrostratus. Near calm in Alexandra, Lawrence & Dunedin, light wind in Ettrick. Frost lingering in shaded places From Roxburgh to Manuka Gorge.
3-Jun-10       3           Dunedin. Mostly sunny, calm to light wind. Some stratocum.
4-Jun-10       4           Dunedin. Sunny. Few stratocum patches clearing. Trace of cirrus. Mostly calm.
5-Jun-10       5           Dunedin. Cldy - Cirro & altostratus and some altocum. Calm.
6-Jun-10 -3.0 4.9 June 2-6 1           Dunedin & Alexandra. Cldy. Nimbostratus and stratus. Light to mod rain arriving early a’noon. Depart Dunedin at 14:15. Mod rain all the way to Alexandra. Stratus base around 200m. Calm.
7-Jun-10 2.9 7.3   7           Alexandra. Cldy. Light rain through morning and again at night. Light to mod S wind at times but often near calm. Nimbostratus, stratus.
8-Jun-10 -0.3 7.3   9           Alexandra. Mostly cldy. O’night snow to about 400m. Cumulus & stratocum breaking through the day. Afternoon sunny breaks. Calm to light wind. Fog devel after sunset.
9-Jun-10 -3.6 4.1   7           Alexandra. O’night freezing fog clearing before 09:00 leaving hoarfrost. Sunny day. Some Stratus fragments about mountains and some Cirrostratus patches morning and late a’noon. Calm.
10-Jun-10 -2.3 6.1   8           Alexandra, lawrence, Dunedin. Heavy morn frost, Patchy Cirrostratus incr with Altostratus from mid a’noon. Calm in Alexandra & Lawrence, light wind in Dunedin. Return to Alexandra by 19:15.
11-Jun-10 2.0 7.6               Alexandra, Lawrence, Dunedin. A little o’night rain. Alto & nimbostratus & altocum part clearing early a’noon. Temp record for Alexandra ended at 15:00 when equipment shifted to storage. Calm, clearing conditions in Lawrence at 17:15. Similar in Dunedin.
12-Jun-10       11           Dunedin & Alexandra via Middlemarch. Mostly sunny, but cumulus and cumulonimbus remnants incr late a’noon. Fresh W wind around Middlemarch, calm to light wind elsewhere.
13-Jun-10       10           Alexandra. Mostly sunny. O’night snow to around 500m and a little rain here. Patchy stratocum a traces of altocum. Some shower activity about mountain peaks. Light wind.
14-Jun-10                   Alexandra, Dunedin. Part cldy in Alexandra - cumulus & stratocum, showers to the south. depart 09:40. Mod to heavy rain from Roxburgh to Beaumont, mod to heavy showers form there to Dunedin, including small hail (3mm diam) late a’noon. Mod to fresh wind from Fruitlands to Dunedin. Alexandra record ends today.
15-Jun-10                   Dunedin. Mostly cldy. Patchy stratocum. Light to mod SW wind.
16-Jun-10                   Dunedin. Mostly sunny. Trace of Cirrus and a few Stratocum patches through a’noon. Light wind.
17-Jun-10                   Dunedin. Clear, calm to light wind.
18-Jun-10                   Cldy, light wind. Vraiable amounts of Cirro & altostratus & altocum
19-Jun-10                   Sunny, calm to light wind. Some Cirrostratus in W by sunset.
20-Jun-10                   Cldy, mostly calm. Some light rain and drizzle. Stratus base down to 150m at times.
21-Jun-10                   Part cldy. Cumulus and cumulonimbus from SW. Light to mod showers. Mod SW wind.
22-Jun-10         5 8       Altocum patches joined by Nimbostratus from SW around 15:00. Light to mod rain after 15:00 followed by decr showers. Light to mod wind.
23-Jun-10         2 14 3.6     Cldy. Cumulus, stratocum and stratus. Light morn showers. Afternoon drizzle. Light to mod wind.
24-Jun-10         -1 8 2 2.6 8.5 Mostly sunny. Stratus patches, mainly to north. Light wind.
25-Jun-10         -2 9   5.5 9.5 Mostly sunny, but patchy Cirrostratus in north. Light to mod wind.
26-Jun-10         0 11     8.7 Mostly cldy. Light wind.
27-Jun-10         -2 9   3.7 8.7 Cldy. Stratus & stratocum. A little drizzle late afternoon. Calm to light wind.
28-Jun-10         -1 7   4.9 8 Cldy. Stratus, base down to about 150m at times. Light afternoon & evening drizzle. Calm to light wind.
29-Jun-10         -1 7   3.9 7.4 Cldy. Stratus & stratocum, mostly calm.
30-Jun-10         -1 7   3.3 9.5 Morning sunny periods, mostly cloudy a’noon with brief light shower. Light to mod SW wind. Stratocum from SW.