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Ferndale Weather: 2006-07, 2007, 2000-04, 2005-07.

Lawrence Weather: Feb-Apr08, May-July08, Aug-Oct08, Nov08-Jan09, Feb-Apr09, May-Aug09, Sept-Nov09, Dec09-Mar10.
Apr-June10, July-Sept10, Oct-Dec10, Jan-March11,

Dunedin Weather: Jan-May08, May-July08, Aug-Oct08, Nov08-Jan09, Feb-Apr09, May-July09, Aug-Oct09, Nov-Dec09 & Jan-Mar 10. June-Aug10, Sept-Nov10, Dec10-Jan11,

Alexandra Weather:

Twizel Weather: 2016, 2017

Climate & Weather Records
Davis station at Lawrence Left:The weather station was relocated from Ferndale to this Canna St, Lawrence, site in February 2008 and the rain gauge issues at Ferndale appear to have been resolved. Records for this site start on the page "Lawrence Weather Feb-Apr 08" and tend to be updated fortnightly. My temperature records for 63 Shetland St Dunedin started 25 Dec 2007 and may be viewed on the page "Dunedin weather". Alexandra readings started in March 2010 and ended 14 June 2010. Readings then continued at 240 South Rd, Caversham, Dunedin. Links below will take you to the most recent data.

Latest weather updates:-
Lawrence: 15 March 2011. Davis station suffered a technical failure on 25 June 2009, repaired by Aug 25. Lawrence Weather Jan-March 2011.
Dunedin: 15 March 2011.
Dunedin Dec 2010-Jan2011.


The currently active Lawrence site is located in the province of Otago, New Zealand, at 169.68°E, 45.92°S, altitude approx 130m.

Daily records are for the period midnight to midnight.

All measurements are metric & times refer to the 24hr clock.

Stevensen screen detail


Bureau of Meteorology
(Australia): best Australasian satellite info and abundant other useful & interesting info for free. Brilliant!
Met Service (NZ):

NOAA satellite image c/o Landcare Research - best close-up satellite view of NZ I've discovered - easy to see where snow has settled after a winter storm.
NIWA (New Zealand),
World weather,
The Weather Network (Canada),
Links to private weather stations around the world,

NZ Weather - a site for weather enthusiasts to share their observations.

Above: Stevenson screen at Ferndale, 26 Dec 2006. Now in Dunedin.

Below: Cloud Formation at Ferndale in 2005. Lots more photos on "Weather - Daily Notes" and "Weather - Monthly Statistics" pages.
Cloud formation
NZ Weather link